Get ready for the launch!

Get ready for the launch!

Feb 15th 2014


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Back in 2010 on a long boring road trip my friend and I decided we had a lot of ideas for funny shirts. My first ideas were born from having a lot of Mexican friends. Anytime they wore a shirt with some Spanish text on it they would get someone asking them what it said. This led to our Preguntame que dice mi camisa and Algo en Espanol. The reactions we got were great. Someone asks "Hey, what does your shirt say?", and you get to reply "Ask me what my shirt says" or "Something in Spanish". 

We sold a few shirts back in those early days but several moves and busy day jobs forced us to close down. Now ibshirts is back and better than ever. We have tons of new designs for the launch and many more on the way. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.