New Keyboard Warrior design!

New Keyboard Warrior design!

Nov 18th 2017

Introducing the Keyboard Gladiator! Featuring a keyboard shield, mouse flail, and a sweet buckle I hope I don't get sued for. The KB warrior design line is one I really love, you will see at least 3 more designs in the future. I love wearing this shirt out and hearing from other gamers in the real world. I get nerd out and talk about games, I'm much better at that than talking about something like football.

Currently in the news is this whole EA Star Wars Battlefront II loot box backlash. I'm very proud of the gaming community coming together to get their voices heard. This pay to win bullshit has no place in a $60 PC game, that logic is what ruined mobile gaming in my opinion. It's going to talk all of us sticking to our guns to see this through and get some real change. That means NO more pre-ordering games, NO buying loot boxes.

How many times have we heard about kids spending thousands of dollars on some mobile game. Yeah, the parents shouldn't be linking their credit cards to their accounts, duh! But the fact that it's even possible to spend thousands on a mobile game is crazy. This crap needs to stop.

Making games should be about releasing a product you love and are excited for people to play. Making money is a consequence of that work. When making money is the main motivator we all lose.